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flashback friday: “breaking the girl” by v
November 8, 2013, 7:14 am
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This, to my mind, was RHCP at their most tender-but-tough — dramatically drawn out syllables, flutes, and all that raucous percussion at the end. I don’t know that I necessarily imagine Anthony Kiedis (in a Princess Leia ‘do) and co. gallivanting among odd rock formations when I hear it, but hey. It’s basically the “Give it Away” video with more color and less skin.

FUUUUUN FACT: The inimitable Blood Sugar Sex Magik was actually recorded in the former (reportedly haunted) home of Harry Houdini, at the suggestion of a one Rick Rubin.


flashback friday: “give it away” by v
July 12, 2013, 7:45 am
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Last weekend I saw Point Break for the first time…which was amazing for many reasons, this among them:

That, in turn, reminded me of a time long before Anthony Kiedis cut off his hair and the band coined the unfortunate term Californication, which now refuses to die. The video for “Give it Away,” an ode to altruism that was reportedly inspired by Kiedis’ ex-girlfriend giving him one of her jackets, remains visually fascinating — dudes in glittery lipstick, spangly pants and devil horns jumping around ecstatically in the desert. Classssssic