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Black magic

Just when I was certain that the thrill was gone and that the Black Keys had nothing more to offer me, this song came along and sort of blew me away. This was on last year’s El Camino, which I dismissed vehemently after apparently only listening to half of it. Music “writers” – we make mistakes too!

They’d be smart to follow this groove and back off the more gimmicky stuff of recent years. I don’t have a problem with artists making money, but there’s something a little cynical – and boring – about the fact that Keys songs fit in so well on ads for Pizza Hut and cars these days. But this is not about being negative today. Nay, I wish to celebrate this dark, damaged thrasher that features organ music, a better-than-usual vocal delivery and sounds a little like “Stairway to Heaven.”


You and your Johnson
June 3, 2013, 6:38 am
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Much like an unknown Patrick Swayze’s PBR commercial, this stands alone.

Flashback Friday: Jump

This one goes out to Kriss Kross, specifically Chris “Daddy Mac” Kelly, who died this week of a presumed drug overdose.

Like many of us of a certain age, these guys for me occupy that super-specific headspace from 1992, the year Nirvana exploded along with Metallica’s black album, R.E.M.’s Automatic For the People and a rainbow spectrum of some pretty insane hip-hop that included the likes of Cypress Hill, Snow and House of Pain, just to name a few. I don’t know what was in the water, but something in mainstream music really broke wide open that year, and everyone was invited to the party.

These fellas were discovered by Jermaine Dupri, who ended up becoming a mega-hitmaker and stumbled upon them rapping in a mall. By age 13 they were famous, as famous for wearing their clothes backwards as for their song, and if you recall, they even managed to squeeze out a few more hits (“Warm It Up,” anyone?) before fading into obscurity.

And watching this now, is it me or is this actually kind of badass? I expected this to look like more of a novelty than it was, but the rhymes and delivery are surprisingly solid for a couple of tweens.


Flashback Friday: Connected

So, I saw the early Angelina Jolie joint Hackers for the first time recently. I know, I know. I don’t understand how I missed it in 1992, either, because I would really have loved it. Anyway, it was awesome. I KNOW. And so is this song. At least I didn’t miss this at the time! Sorry there’s no video here; the wise MCs of Stereo have it copyright-protected.

Krewella de ville

Happy Monday, people. This house banger is my current guilty pleasure. And boy, is it a guilty one. Something about the lonely-sounding hook in this song gets me pumped up and wanting to be in the (gay) club under the lights. And yes, I do know what it feels like when I’m “dancing blind.”

My thoughts on the video are as follows:
*Holy bad extensions, Batman!
*I gather that the dude in the sideways cap is part of the “band.” What is his role?
*Cute studded jacket.
*Skaters are really making a comeback lately.
*This video/song/concept was cooler when Ke$ha did it…in 2010. (Ed. note: have we really known Ke$ha for 3 years?? They grow so fast…)

Oh yes!
April 9, 2013, 6:31 am
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I know nothing about this chick, but I dig this song. She seems foreign; I like that. Video is cute, a bit like Lily Allen in the early days. Nothing like a quick hit of fresh pop air. Enjoy!

Smoke through this

I don’t have a lot to say about Courtney Love’s appearance in this electronic-cigarette commercial, except that I LOVE HER, and that I hope this signals a return to Glamorous Courtney. Which might be the same as Medicated Courtney. Love you, Courtney. All of you.