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mr. self destruct by v

photo-13Teeny tiny Trent & co. from the top of the Barclays Center

I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t gotten around to buying the new Nine Inch Nails record until yesterday, on the heels of their Hesitation Marks-heavy Barclays Center show on Monday night in Brooklyn. Yes, I saw them less than a month ago at Made in America in Philly, but a greatest-hits festival performance this was not. Instead, it made clear to latecomers like me that the recent singles hardly scratch the surface of Marks, which apparently comes complete with soulful female backup vocalists (a first!) and Trent’s version of a slow jam. But the new stuff also had its share of familiar moments — “Find My Way” finds Mr. Reznor “whoooaing” over that now-classic eerily clear psycho piano.

Of course, they played all of the old standbys: “Terrible Lie,” “March of the Pigs,” “Wish,” etc. The big surprise for me was song two of the encore, which was preceded by Trent expressing his amazement that the band has lasted this long…then explaining that he didn’t want to get “too positive” before launching into “Even Deeper” off of The Fragile. Haaa.

All of this was accompanied by an elaborate light show that was quasi-visible from our perch at the very top of the arena (although I assure you that Trent’s arm definition remains discernible from the nosebleediest of nosebleed seats).


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