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red, white and beyonce by v

Beyonce, larger than life

Last weekend’s Made in America festival was clearly designed to appeal to the ladies of DYTMHIF, with unlikely co-headliners Beyonce and Nine Inch Nails capping off two sweaty days of music in Philly. Here, the quick roundup of the awesome and the less so.

The scene: Scads of scantily clad women and more patriotic garb than expected, not to mention men in tutus, an appearance by Spiderman, and more than one set of Deadmau5-inspired rodent ears. It also became clear that “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” is the T-shirt slogan of the summer. Can someone explain this?

The good: A solid set by Public Enemy, including a surprisingly coherent Flavor Flav. A skirt-wearing Wiz Khalifa shouting out his fellow potheads and bringing his lady Amber Rose onstage at the end of a solid set. Thomas Mars of Phoenix crowd-surfing like a boss.

Flav introduces his grandson

The not-so-good: Queens of the Stone Age, who managed to be simultaneously cheesy, boring and dickish. Ridiculous water lines on day one that apparently resulted in angry chants from dehydrated folk (note: this was resolved by Sunday). Imagine Dragons. Period.

The embarrassing: Oh, Macklemore. A five-minute lead-in to “Thrift Shop” that involved pointing out audience members’ quirky clothing didn’t win you any fans…nor did your reference to cheesesteak. Also, A$AP Rocky’s abridged performance after he showed up 20+ minutes late.

The amazing: This goes without saying, but Beyonce — talk about an electric presence. The lady destroyed, with the aid of seven spangly costume changes, elaborate video interludes, sparks cascading onto the stage and gold glitter blown onto the audience. I have experienced pop heaven.


The other amazing: Trent Reznor, who is rapidly approaching 50, hasn’t been softened by age or fatherhood. The now-hulking Nine Inch Nails mastermind can still tap into an endless reserve of angst onstage, with every line delivered through gritted teeth. The highlight of the night was easily “Somewhat Damaged” off The Fragile — all those layers of furious percussion blasting out across the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Thanks, Jay-Z!


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