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courtney love at warsaw by v
June 27, 2013, 11:30 am
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Courtney Love’s short tour through the northeast brought her to Warsaw in Brooklyn last night, and despite expectations, she was perfectly well-behaved (New York Magazine recommended the show “Because who knows what will happen”).

Openers Starred pretty much put me to sleep — they weren’t bad, per se, but minimal drumming, wistful pedal steel, and moany vocals are probably better suited to moody movie soundtracks than club shows. Accordingly, no one in the audience (which was a pretty even male/female split and skewed older, if you were wondering) paid much attention. Oh well.
Then Ms. Love emerged, launching into a raucous greatest-hits set that was heavy on Live Through This — “Violet,” “Miss World,” “Asking For It,” and opener “Plump” were highlights. This was my first time seeing her, and though she has ferocity and bite to spare, it’s clear her voice and stamina aren’t what they used to be: By the time she got to “Samantha,” a favorite of mine off of Nobody’s Daughter later in the set (“It’s a song about a whore,” she explained), she seemed to have trouble keeping up with all of its requisite shouts.

But Courtney herself looked to be in fine shape, wearing a spangly jumpsuit and a rosary around her neck, showing off the “Let It Bleed” tattoo stripped across her right bicep, and displaying the sass and wit you’d expect (see below).

The band closed with a solid performance of “Doll Parts,” despite some hemming and hawing on her part about not wanting to play it. By the end, I was drenched in sweat and standing in about two inches of beer. Fitting.

“Doll Parts”



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