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wax idols, shea stadium by v

Every so often, you’re lucky enough to see a show that transcends instrument-playing and becomes some sort of musical exorcism. Of course, it helps if the bands in question lean noisy-slash-goth. Such was the case with Wax Idols and TV Ghost, who played the last show of their tour Saturday night at Shea Stadium (not the former home of the Mets, but a cheekily named warehouse space on a desolate Bushwick street).

I mentioned my newfound love for Wax Idols here recently, and am happy to report that they were every bit as no-bullshit rock-and-roll as their record promised, even with a substitute bassist (in an Iggy Pop tank top, naturally). Frontwoman Hether Fortune’s onstage presence was so fierce, I was actually scared to take any photos, lest she shoot me the same evil eye the photographer dude in front of me got — hence the pictureless post. Truly a lady after my own heart.

Opener TV Ghost was the ideal complement to the Idols’ moody sound, with singer/guitarist Tim Gick nearly swallowing his microphone and/or writhing on the floor as he wailed, red-faced, over end-of-the-world guitars. I realize that sounds pretentious, but I actually suspect that he (and Fortune, for that matter) is the same person offstage as on–no posturing here.


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