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scream, shout, etc. by v

By now you’re surely familiar with Britney’s fairly Britney-less “Scream and Shout,” where, with the exception of backup vocals and a few lines delivered in a faux-British accent, she’s basically been reduced to an android-like sound bite. This is fine by me, since 1) the song owns, and 2) all of our pop stars are robots anyway (paging Rihanna). As long as she continues hitching her wagon to the likes of or his ilk, Brit will be sitting pretty.

But let’s turn our attention to the remix. Of course, a pop song of this caliber couldn’t be left alone — Waka Flocka Flame, Weezy, and most unfortunately of all, Diddy, have piled on in this slower reworking. The result is the aural equivalent of mixing all your paint colors together: muddy, purplish, and generally repellent. We lose all of the fun swagger of the original in favor of nearly six minutes of gratuitous cursing and shouts of “YOLOOOOOO” that make me murderous. The lesson here? Sometimes you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Also, Diddy: just stop. God.


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