don't you tell me how i feel.

Upon further reflection by Steele

JT - Press Photo 2 (Credit Tom Munro RCA R.JPGI came out a little lukewarm on Justin Timberlake’s new single and new sound, and for reasons that involve me not loving soul music, I think overall I still am. I like some of what I’ve heard from The 20/20 Experience (and by the way can we please talk about how that is the stupidest, most meaningless and most blah album title for a long-anticipated prince-of-pop comeback?), but ultimately I think I like the idea of it better. He’s basically made a futuristic, electro-soul record. If FutureSex/LoveSounds was on its way to that genre, this album has fully arrived. The pop hooks are a lot harder to come by. A lot of it sounds kind of insane, though not in an altogether bad way. And I love when people take risks, though at the same time I’m not sure he took as many as he could have? I’m having a hard time rendering a final verdict.

But of this, I am certain: “Mirrors” is one of his best. It’s also one of the most truly romantic songs I’ve heard in a while. He’s not the first to talk about his “other half” as an extension of self, but there’s a simple beauty to his perspective that actually touched me: “You’re my reflection/all I see is you/my reflection/in everything I do.” I’m not accustomed to a genuine connection with JT – he’s usually a little too smooth – but he got me on this one.



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