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flashback friday: “torn” by v
January 4, 2013, 8:12 am
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One-hit wonder Natalie Imbruglia went from Aussie soap star to pop-music darling seemingly overnight, buoyed by the success of “Torn,” and disappeared just as quickly (well, after she married that dude from Silverchair). What I didn’t realize — and I suspect I’m not alone here — is that the song is actually a cover. After hearing Ednaswap’s ’90s-distortion-heavy original, Imbruglia’s version is now kind of ruined for me. Chipper much?

I’m still not totally clear what’s happening in this video, besides: people move, camera doesn’t. Maybe the obvious film-set conceit is symbolic in a NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS or EVERYTHING IS COLLAPSING AROUND ME way, but eh. What I do know (thanks Wikipedia!) is that MTV Italy ranked this the second-best video of all time. Whaaaat

And while we’re at it, here’s the Danish version.


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Wow. The ednaswap version is good!

Comment by Jason

I had always found this single inoffensive, kind of nice on occasion. But by the end of Ednaswap’s version, I was screaming, “WHAT? WHAT? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?” It is excessively good, with sevenths and passing tones jangling around, a slightly more sophisticated chord progression executed by a far more sophisticated guitarist, sung by a more emotionally engaged singer, a greater dynamic range in the arrangement, and a superfluity of balls. I’m guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 balls. Ms. Imbruglia castrated this song down to an ugly 1.5. How is Ednaswap not super famous? They are EVERYTHING that was good about the 90s.

Comment by Eric

word, my friends.

Comment by don't you tell me how i feel.

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