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mr. pink by v
November 28, 2012, 8:25 am
Filed under: angsty boy alert, New music, Shit I Like

Before this year’s Mature Themes, I hadn’t heard much of Ariel Pink’s music, aside from the oft-remixed “Fright Night.” I had, however, heard rumblings about his bizarre persona, which the new record bears out in synthy songs about slime, schnitzel and sex.

I immediately loved album opener “Kinski Assassin,” with its gleefully tinny, Doorsy organ and nonsensical lyrics, delivered with throaty bravado — “Who sunk my battleship?” he demands cartoonishly. From there, the album varies wildly. The virtually unlistenable “Schnitzel Boogie” and the annoyingly repetitive “Symphony of the Nymph” contrast sharply with “Mature Themes,” “Only in Dreams,” and the slow-dance-ready “Baby” (a Donnie and Joe Emerson cover), which are almost jarringly tender by comparison. In short: lots of what feels like calculated eccentricity, most of it enjoyable.

Further reading: A Fader interview in which Pink reveals his unwillingness to interact with fans and his tendency to psychoanalyze everything: “I’m just a girl that’s been on the fucking therapy couch for way too long.”

“Only In Dreams” indeed: behold as every woman Ariel Pink meets falls madly in love with him


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