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Not Another Lana Del Rey Post by Steele

I’m not even going to bother defending myself anymore. Lana Del Rey, target of scorn from hipsters everywhere, just put out a new EP and so help me God, I can’t get enough.

I don’t know what it is about this odd, bored-sounding, trying-too-hard trainwreck. I don’t even care how uncool I am. I JUST KNOW THAT I LOVE HER.

I love her affected, melancholy, self-destructive, daddy-issues persona. I love the dark, lonely sound of the music and her druggy, Ambien voice. I love that she’s interested in creating characters and telling stories through indulgent, cinematic videos and through fashion and style. Right now, I really, really love “Ride.” Does this mean I have no taste? Probably. You decide.


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I hate lots of things. Often for being artless, or patently commercial, or just for being popular. I often listen to music that the wider world considers outright noise. But I acknowledge all day long that Lana del Rey is AMAZING.

Comment by Eric

These kind of admissions are really what this blog is all about. Bravo, fearless one!

Comment by Steele

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