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cmj: day two by v
October 18, 2012, 11:02 am
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After Tuesday’s deluge of music, I planned to take it somewhat easier on day two and opted for a single showcase at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly. I arrived in time to catch the end of a set from The Deloreans, kicked myself for missing it (those 30 seconds sounded pretty good) and made a mental note to look them up.

The following act was a trio of the noisy, screaming speed-punk variety called Poor Lily. Although they inspired no love in me, they did inspire a walk to Duane Reade for earplugs. To my surprise, they were still on when I returned 20 minutes later. It became clear that these sets would all be slightly longer than Tuesday’s — closer to the half-hour mark.

Teen Suicide

Which made it especially painful when the next act turned out to be a raw, atonal — dare I say kind of emo? — band, aptly named Teen Suicide. I give them lots of points for intensity, but it was not unlike watching a high school band in their mom’s garage, complete with songs about playing Dance Dance Revolution until your feet hurt. Again, not my speed.

The gentlemen of Mac DeMarco

Given all that, thank god for Vancouver’s Mac DeMarco. The band took the stage in beat-up baseball caps and several days of stubble, with guitar straps made of twine and bravado to spare. They swigged beer, burped, and threw up devil horns. They promised rock, and they delivered. But more importantly, there was real delight in their performance. One extended interlude late in the set actually featured bits of Tool’s “Schism” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” a sure sign that a band isn’t taking itself too seriously. At last! Something to write home about. Have a listen.

Dent May. The awesome bassist (at right) was the one to watch

By comparison, headliner Dent May was something of a letdown. They’ve got disco basslines for days, but his lead vocals were weaker than I expected. He also came off as a bit prickly — but maybe that had something to do with his amp blowing just before their set (they asked to borrow one from Mac DeMarco). Toward the end, May asked how much time they had left, and Mac DeMarco’s bassist piped up jokingly from the crowd, “Two-and-a-half-minutes!” Without missing a beat, May responded, “I asked how long we had left, not how long you can last in bed!” Like I said.

On tap for later today: Chad Valley, Field Mouse and the much-hyped Hundred Waters at I Guess I’m Floating’s showcase.


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