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miami sound machine? by v

A friend and I recently developed an admittedly baseless theory about Art of Noise’s 1983 song “Moments In Love”: 1) It was primarily a Miami phenomenon and 2) It served as the entrance music for the quinceañera at every quince that ever took place in the ’90s. Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, it was also played at Madonna’s wedding to Sean Penn. It’s unclear whether the rest of the world even knows this song exists — please comment.

In case you’re curious about the rest of Art of Noise’s oeuvre, I direct you toward “Close to the Edit,” a clanky — for lack of a better word — song that bears no real resemblance to “Love.” The video features a tiny, David-Bowie-esque woman shuffling furiously up and down a train track. Naturally, her every gesture syncs up with an orchestra hit from the song. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL 80s


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I am simultaneously drawn to and repelled by this video. That tiny person repulses and horrifies me. Every day I’m shufflin’

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