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Live fast, ‘Die Young’ by Steele

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Ke$ha’s upcoming album, Warrior, namely because in writing and producing it, she worked with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who is a big fan, and Iggy Pop. She also listened to a lot of glam rock and is supposedly relying less on autotune for her vocals (interesting side note: Ke$ha is a big proponent of something called a “vocal fry,” which means she often sings from a creaky, deep register to create an effect that sounds like it’s been digitally modified). Throw in the cover art for her first single, and it’s looking like this new record is going to be one big, hot 70s pop-rock mess.

And I kind of can’t wait. Ke$ha has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. If the new song is any indication, this album might push me over the edge to true fan. Because let me be very clear: I am guaranteed to dance my face off to this in the club. Dance. My. Face. Off.

For those who like to hear what Muzzy thinks: When I turned this up in the car radio, he pantomimed shooting himself in the head.


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