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Flashback Friday: Boys of Summer by Steele

Don Henley’s melancholy reflection on aging and the death of innocence is one of those songs that grows more powerful over time. It effortlessly evokes that late August/early September feeling of something ending, that sense of loss that can creep in as the weather turns colder.

Even Wikipedia is thoughtful when discussing it: “Superficially, the song appears to be about the passing of youth and entering middle age, with the theme of ‘summer love’ apparent in the choruses, and of reminiscence of a past relationship. The line, ‘My love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone’ can be construed as a realization that relationships are often destroyed by one’s own restlessness, even though there is a conflicting internal desire for that love to flourish.” Damn, Wikipedia. Way to drop some poetry on us!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. Enjoy the last of the warm weather.



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