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them bones by v
August 8, 2012, 8:23 am
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Disclaimer: It’s about to get a little girly in here. And this has nothing to do with Alice in Chains.

Last weekend I watched Drive, the 2011 car-centric gorefest starring Ryan Gosling, whose unnerving, near-mute performance inspired a resurgence of my adulation for the dude. Trite, I know. But consider the facts: He acts — well! He breaks up NYC street fights! He inspires countless tumblrs, to the delight of overgrown teenyboppers everywhere. And if all that weren’t enough, he’s also a musician — something I’ve noted on DYTMHIF previously, but like to remind people of every so often.

Dead Man’s Bones, the aptly titled musical project he started in 2009 with collaborator Zach Shields, isn’t your typical famous-person vanity debacle (see Bruce Willis, Keanu) — it’s clear that mass appeal wasn’t the goal here. Among other macabre moments, the album features a choir of children chanting “Z-O-M-B-I-E! Zombie!” and a breakdown devoted solely to the sound of a woman sobbing. In short, it’s the only straight-up Halloween record I can think of, and the fact is, it would be laudable even without a hot famous dude at the helm. But of course, that doesn’t hurt. AM I RIGHT LADIES.


More dead man’s bones


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As a man, I’m damned sick of hearing about this fellow. The music he made via Dead Man’s Bones, however, just can’t be fucked with.

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