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flashback friday: “sober” by v
July 27, 2012, 5:52 am
Filed under: flashback friday

Long before I came to appreciate Tool’s music, I recall being scared shitless of their deranged stop-motion videos as a 10-year-old new to the wilds of MTV. It’s hard to shake those images of dismembered dolls with gaping eye sockets, hobbling around in their shadowy Tooliverses.

As an adult rewatching “Sober,” I’m only marginally less freaked out — and no more certain what this angsty puppet’s deal is. What mind-altering substance is in the box? Who’s the dude with the nail through his eye? And for god’s sake, why is he petting that intestine in the broken pipe?

I couldn’t find much in the way of explanation, but did read reports that Kurt Cobain said the “Sober” filmmakers should be sued for blatantly ripping off the Quay Brothers — purveyors of similarly creepy stop-motion animation. And that’s an entirely separate, equally terrifying YouTube rabbit hole, my friend.


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It’s an odd rabbit hole that causes Kurt Cobain to be litigious.

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