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flashback friday: “don’t speak” by v
July 13, 2012, 9:36 am
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1996: A year of bindis, baby barrettes, and Tragic Kingdom, all courtesy of No Doubt’s platinum-blond Gwen Stefani — who would later become even more famous through better music (Eve!) and fashionable babies sired by Bushie Gavin Rossdale. Have I mentioned I love her.

Today we flash back to “Don’t Speak,” reportedly the tale of Stefani’s fraught relationship/breakup with bassist Tony Kanal. But rather than revisit that whole mess (awkward), they instead opt for sweaty slo-mo concert footage and a melodramatic tale of band politics: that is to say, what happens when your Marilyn-Monroe-esque frontwoman lands on the magazine cover, solo. Sorry dudes.

Things that remain unclear:
– maggoty oranges

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MTV killed this song. They played it (what seemed like) every 5 minutes. Like every single from Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” all I have to do is think about this song, and I’m good. Got it. Don’t need to hear it ever again.

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