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the muffin (wo)man by v
July 10, 2012, 7:50 am
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This weekend, Steele and I were introduced to this trashy little tune — a friend of a friend works at the Pittsburgh bakery where the opening shots were filmed. As you might expect, the release of this video prompted a flood of patrons to make the song’s titular request. And wouldn’t you know it, they only sell muffins on Sundays.

But back to the song. What, exactly is going on here? Our heroine, Shira, is a “very freaky girl” who “don’t give it up for nothin.” The cashier is giving his customer money in exchange for her baked goods. And every so-called muffin sure as hell looks like a cupcake to me. But plot confusion and editing gaffes aside, “Muffin” is fascinating in its own right — that brazen fist motion alone makes it. P-P-POUND!

Steele quickly discerned that the song, which seems to start off as a celebration of muffin-pounding, is actually a diss track in disguise — Shira’s wholly unexpected freakout at 1:40 takes the whole thing for a violent turn, instantly making her far more likable. Sadly, the original video we saw showed someone’s dad driving the Camaro post-credits, but they’ve now covered up his face with the word “muffin.” BOOO


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Subject matter aside, this this track would have been dated in 1992.

Comment by Eric

This is a very good point.

Comment by Steele

violent outburst at 1:40 = WIN.

slightly miffed at the visual confusion between muffins and cupcakes. no one wants to pound on a cupcake. that’d be gross.

Comment by Sweet Ginger's

i would pound a cupcake.

Comment by andrew

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