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hot fun in the summertime by v
July 3, 2012, 8:39 am
Filed under: danceable, electronic, New music, Shit I love

I’ve always though Hot Chip walked a fine line between cheese and badass (a common problem in electronic music), but the UK group’s fifth record, In Our Heads, lands pretty solidly on the side of badass. There’s no arguing with opening track “Motion Sickness,” which builds a promising tower of percussive bits before topping it all off with some serious brass.

“We take fun seriously,” a seemingly jokey line from “Don’t Deny Your Heart,” sums up the record’s ethos. It follows that the rest of In Our Heads is a slew of mostly jubilant, universally palatable, eminently danceable songs. Highlights include the double-dutch-worthy “Flutes,” which I gushed about earlier in the year, and “Night and Day,” where singer Alexis Taylor invites you to sweat (paging C+C Music Factory). Midway through, they dim the lights on their party on “Look at Where We Are,” but it doesn’t kill the mood — everything just shifts toward spare, more slow-moving territory, an area where Hot Chip excels (remember “Playboy”?). My one quibble is with album closer “Always Be Your Love,” which is a bit treacly in sentiment for me…but I won’t turn it off.

In short, In Our Heads is currently landing pretty high on my list of 2012 albums. What say you?

…And because I’m on the topic, here’s one of my favorite Hot Chip songs of yore, from their DJ Kicks compilation a few years back.


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