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June 27, 2012, 8:11 am
Filed under: eh, hey mom i'm a hipster, New music, terrible lyrics

A while back, I posted Friends’ catchy-stupid, liquid-sounding “Friend Crush,” and they’ve since released their debut full-length, Manifest, now streaming on the Guardian’s site.

I wanted to like this, but on first listen, I realized that Manifest is akin to Best-Coast’s Crazy For You: In both cases, I mistook bad writing on the lead single as merely straightforward/precious. Sadly, the rest of the record would quickly reveal further lyrical atrocities. And I assure you that I’m pretty good at ignoring lyrics.

It’s a shame, as Friends occasionally craft some legitimately danceable moments (I’m a sucker for handclaps), but things degenerate as soon as the vocals come in. Singer Samantha Urbani’s voice is a bit on the reedy side, and her delivery reeks of breathy wannabe Debbie Harry sex kitten. To wit: she actually whispers “breakdown!” at one point. Ultimately, you feel embarrassed for her.

Though the record is fairly weak across the board, far and away the most intolerable moment comes on “I’m His Girl,” a disco-bass-heavy song that’s ostensibly about not smothering your boyfriend and vice versa. Sample lyric: “When you see me walking around with him/I’m not just another chick/I’m his girl…I don’t wanna own him or control him/Just want our souls to be aligned.” I now feel gross after having just typed that.



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