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Garbage day by Steele
June 20, 2012, 6:27 am
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All hail the return of Garbage! God, I’m getting old. Their debut album came out 17 goddamn years ago, for Christ’s sake, but damn if it doesn’t sound pretty modern to this day. I’m glad these guys are back. I like their quirky backstory (three superproducers find a hot frontwoman and make albums together). I like Shirley Manson. I like their brand of icy, dark, twisted pop music. Basically, I like their whole deal.

A story about the band’s comeback in Rolling Stone offered a brutal, fascinating glimpse into the state of the music industry today, courtesy of the decidedly un-mainstream Manson, who detailed a recent attempt at making a solo “tiny, art-school record that isn’t going to get played on the radio”:

Around 2008, she recorded a few demos, then went to see “a very well-known and successful record-company head.” The meeting left her shattered.

“I wish I’d filmed it, because I can’t believe it actually happened,” she says, releasing an uproarious throaty laugh. “We played him a song, and he stopped it 30 seconds in. Then he began telling me he was ‘in the business of excellence’ and ‘I feel like you could have a huge international pop career, and that’s what we’re interested in getting from you.'” At that point, Manson recalls, she stopped paying attention. “Then I went home. And burst into tears.”

The good news is, she ended up back with the other Garbage-men. Here’s the new single, “Blood For Poppies.”


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