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flashback friday: “bittersweet symphony” by v
June 15, 2012, 8:24 am
Filed under: angsty boy alert, flashback friday

I started off writing a Flashback about “Champagne Supernova,” that seven-minute lapping-waves-and-lava-lamps Beatles ripoff, but YouTube had a better British suggestion for me, as is often the case.

Perhaps you remember “Bittersweet Symphony,” where our friends from the Verve moan about “trying to find some money, then you die” over strings. It stands to reason that frontman Richard Ashcroft is none too pleased about this dour life insight, so he takes it out on random passersby during an angsty stroll. No one is spared the smack of his bony shoulders! And he remains eerily unperturbed, even when one of his victims gets all in his face. I quite frankly want to punch him.

Maybe this is just one of those revenge fantasies that people love to watch…along the lines of the JetBlue dude who quit via emergency slide.


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I love this song passionately, but don’t remember this video at all! It really is aggravating as an adult, but I’m guessing the point was that he is “here in his mold” and that he can’t change, even if sometimes it would be the polite/politically correct thing to do for the sake of the others around him (cough cough I refuse to stop being a junkie cough).
Side note: remember when Richard Ashcroft had a meltdown and busted into a youth rec center, crying and strung out as hell and kept demanding that he wanted to help the kids? Drugs, man.

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