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I just met you. And this is crazy! by Steele

Here at Don’t You Tell Me How I Feel, it’s sometimes our duty to discuss major moments in pop culture. Such a time has arrived in the form of “Call Me Maybe.” I don’t want to hear any whining about it – I wouldn’t be doing my job (hobby?) if I didn’t address this. And I don’t know, I think it’s kind of funny that this has become such a phenomenon. The song, by the way, is kind of endearingly stupid and hilarious. BUT NOT AS HILARIOUS AS THE VIDEO!!!!

What’s with the garage band? Does anyone hear guitars and actual drums in this song? I love when people pretend to be playing instruments. And maybe this is a stretch, but I kind of like that there’s a song out there advocating that it’s okay to ask a guy out. This is a positive message for the youth.

Also a positive thing is all the knockoff YouTubing this song has spawned. Here’s my favorite, courtesy of the Harvard baseball team, of course. Is this is the kind of thing all jocks do on road trips when they get bored? Let’s say yes.


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Thank God for your hobby/job! I never would have found this on my own. I think that the pay-off of the first video is the last ten seconds. Though her apparent band-mates pushing her to wash the car is pretty good too. The Harvard baseball team is obviously searching for things to do on their long car rides and have succeeded. Overachievers much?

Comment by Emily Kimelman

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