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flashback friday: “end of the road” by v
June 8, 2012, 8:23 am
Filed under: flashback friday, Shit I love

Oh Boyz II Men, Masters of the Impossibly Earnest Slow Jam — there’s so much to love here. The coordinated blazers and ties. The mythical “END road” subway station, ostensibly on the B line. The way they make fists and furrow their brows when they hit those high notes. The seemingly illegal bonfire in an empty loft space. And most of all, the dude whose primary function is the supersmooth “girl” breakdown (pictured in the YouTube still, naturally). Here, we find him barefoot on the beach with a cane. Yeah.


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The cane is key. Break this beast out at the drunken end of karaoke night, e’rbody will sing (if they’re old anyway)

Comment by Den

What an amazing video. And what an amazing suggestion from our friend in the Den!

Comment by Steele

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