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Flashback Friday: MMMBop by Steele

A few months ago I was in a bar just before last call when “MMMBop” came on the sound system. How stoked was I? SO STOKED! Until, that is, the bartender unceremoniously cut it and replaced it with something ostensibly “cooler”. Shrinking violet that I am, I kind of barked/demanded to know why. Well, that bartender couldn’t roll his eyes fast enough. People can be such snobs.

My point is, I love this near-universally reviled song and I always will. There are many amusing things about it, chief among them that it was produced by the Dust Brothers, a team responsible for such modern classics as Beck’s “Devil’s Haircut” and “Where It’s At,” not to mention the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique. After this song came out, I remember one music writer noting that the Dust Bros’ other work “almost made up for” unleashing the prepubescent, skateboard sneaker-wearing, rollerblading brothers of Hanson upon the world.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, y’all. Enjoy it…in an MMMBop it’s gone.


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