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damaged goods by v
May 24, 2012, 8:21 am
Filed under: angsty boy alert, i'm just sayin, New music, Shit I Hate, tired

I was enjoying the new Royal Baths record (Better Luck Next Life) well enough until I hit track #3, a sleazy tune called “Harder Faster.” This falls under the umbrella of Songs About the Crazy Chick I Can’t Help But Love — an unfortunate category of music that I have zero tolerance for.

You’re familiar, certainly: These are the songs, always written and sung from the angsty male perspective, about the screwed-up chick whose neuroses are somehow insanely attractive — the “damaged girl,” as the Royal Baths succinctly put it.

In the past, Damaged Girl been guilty of all sorts of bizarre behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Looking up at buildings, saying she’s thinking of jumping; claiming she’s close to understanding Jesus (“Round Here,” Counting Crows)
  • Only sleeping when it’s raining; screaming (“3 a.m.,” Matchbox 20)
  • Sleeping with my friends (“Self Esteem,” The Offspring)

Clearly, this was a recurring theme 10+ years ago — if only we’d left it behind.

I should also note that Damaged Girl is not to be confused with Crazy/Violent Girl (of the Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows” variety). But anyway. I was eventually going to mention that the Royal Baths album is actually pretty cool in a greasy, tight-jeaned, distortion-happy way. Really! See above.


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