don't you tell me how i feel.

Rey of plight by Steele

Guys, I still kind of dig Lana Del Rey.

I do now understand the problem, though: She’s so affected and self-consciously “original.”

She’s clearly a very immature young woman who is desperately “trying to be cool.”

She comes off as “extremely stupid.”

She is also supposedly “dating Axl Rose,” which really, really doesn’t help anything.

Also, I’m afraid this is going to sound mean, but what with the lips and the nose, her face looks a tiny bit deformed. SORRYSORRY but I think that’s a big part of the hate. The whole package is just pretty annoying.

And yet. I continue to enjoy her songs. This one, coupled with the noir, gator-swimming video, is like a thugged-out version of “Wicked Game.” Instead of a world on fire, we have a guy who’s “chasing paper” and “sick as cancer” and a chick who’s “ride or die.” Ed. Note: Lana del Rey, I have known some ride-or-die bitches in my time. You’ve got a ways to go.


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