don't you tell me how i feel.

Tween dream by Steele

It must be time for someone to take me out back and shoot me, because I honestly think Justin Bieber’s new “I’m a grown-up now” single isn’t half bad, by today’s abysmal pop standards at least. He channels Justin Timberlake, which is fine by me because it doesn’t sound like JT plans to get back into the studio anytime soon. I do find this unsettling, though. Nature abhors a vaccum, and if JT keeps making movies and never goes back to music, does that mean that we’ll have to look to Justin freaking Bieber for the next round of slick, Timbaland-Neptunes-sexed-up-Michael-Jackson-sounding megahits? Uncomfortable.

By the way, it’s not like there’s nothing here to laugh at. The lyrics, such as they are, reference Toy Story and fondue. Yikes. Oh, and say hello to falsetto!

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It’s like you slithered into my braingrapes and stole my thoughts exactly, with one notable exception: I like the Buzz Lightyear line. and I’ve never even seen that damn movie. i just think it’s funny.

Comment by radiowalsh

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