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Whitus Interruptus by Steele

It seems impossible that Jack White is only now about to release his debut solo record, given how prolific a musician he is. Setting aside the White Stripes, I can’t even list all the projects he’s been involved with, from garage rock to country to blues to Alicia Keys. But he is consistently pretty awesome; he has a true don’t-give-a-fuck attitude that allows him to completely ignore all current popular music trends. He’s creative and totally unique. He named his upcoming album Blunderbuss, which I think is great but I don’t even know why. To me, he’s in his own category. How would one even try to compare lead single “Love Interruption” with the other new music out there? You can’t. It simply sounds like Jack White.

Anyway, here’s “Love Interruption,” a sharp, bright burst of rock and retro soul, a little reminiscent of “Son of a Preacher Man,” a lot cool.

And, anyone see him on SNL last weekend? Great performance, and you have to wonder when the last time was that a male musician played that stage with an all-woman backing band.


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