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who’s bad? by v
February 21, 2012, 8:09 am
Filed under: badass, New music, Shit I Like

I never listened to M.I.A.’s third album, so her new “Bad Girls” is the first I’ve heard from her since 2007’s Kala — and what a change it is. Gone are the raucous sounds of yore, replaced by a significantly chiller M.I.A. Her delivery is laid-back, full of swagger, and catchy as hell as she entreats the ladies to “live fast, die young,” drops car metaphors left and right, and brags about her chains. Naturally, car stunts and firearms take pride of place in the video.

It took a few listens, but I’m sold.


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What I heard of her last album was garbage. And I still find her deeply annoying. But this is kind of great, I actually really like it!
I wonder if she is constantly torturing herself about what a “sellout” she now probably considers herself to be. I hope so.

Comment by Steele

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