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Hide your kids, hide your wife by Steele
February 13, 2012, 6:49 am
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Of the many people who have drawn Internet attention for no good reason (Rebecca Black,  Obama Girl, that “leave Britney alone!!!” guy) Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson has got to be my favorite. No sarcasm here; I wholeheartedly support his rise to fame. Because while the other people I named are useless, Dodson burst onto the scene in 2010 for not only rescuing his sister from a rapist, but then being awesome about it on the local news. Seriously, I can think of worse things. And also unlike most Internet phenoms, I was genuinely glad to learn of Dodson’s existence.

Anyway, I’ve always loved “Bed Intruder,” the autotuned masterpiece crafted from Dodson’s bitchy tirade, so I was stoked to learn he has released a new slow jam. Too bad it’s not nearly as entertaining as his previous work. It’s not all that bad…which, I guess, is the problem. I mean, it’s bad, but I expected worse. By which I mean, I expected better. Ergo, I find myself feeling something that Antoine Dodson never aroused in me before: Boredom.

If you must, here it is:

But if you’re anything like me, it’s probably best to revisit the original.


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Ahh! I made it to :28, then had to bail. Not cool on a Monday morning, Steele.

Comment by William Bender

Does he know he doesn’t HAVE to use autotune? A.D. doesn’t get it.

Comment by mattkatz

I did warn against watching it. Seriously, just watch the old one – it’s aging quite well.

Comment by Steele

Dodson is not a singer, guys. He’s a dude who made a charismatic statement to the news. Yes, he HAS to use autotune, because you can hear how hard his autotune is working. Looks like this Brent Morgan guy is an indie songwriter/producer trying to cash in on Dodson’s here-and-already-gone internet infamy. Nice try, Morgan, but in this context, unless your song is about rape, nobody’s amused. At least the production was good, though ultra-standard.

Comment by Eric

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