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Original Shin by Steele
January 10, 2012, 6:00 am
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YOU GUYS YOU GUYS!! New music from the Shins is finally on its way, and yesterday the band debuted its first new song since 2007. I couldn’t be more excited; the Shins resonate with me in an intensely intimate way, and the albums have somehow always corresponded with what’s going on with me to such a degree that I think of them as soundtracks to my life. Heavy, man.

The Shins have transformed dramatically since I fell in love with them, however, and are now less of a band than a one-man outfit. Frontman James Mercer, who is apparently a hardcore control freak (no wonder I adore him so), recorded most of the last album on his own and then summarily fired the rest of the band. He’s been making some good music with Danger Mouse as the duo Broken Bells these last few years, but as a psychotic Shins fan, I’ve longed for him to return to his roots.

“Simple Song,” the first track from the forthcoming album, is everything I want from my Shins: dreamy, wistful, a little sad, intelligent, direct, tightly produced, impeccably arranged, strange yet familiar, and as always, anchored by Mercer’s excellent vocals. Happy New Year to me!!

My computer won’t let me embed this, but listen to it here!


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I love this. Also, cutest online music player of all time.

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