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song of the thursday: “eyes be closed” by v
December 8, 2011, 8:45 am
Filed under: New music, Shit I love

I’m trying to compile my best of 2011 list, and though Washed Out’s Within and Without didn’t quite make it to the top, it certainly came to mind. “Eyes Be Closed” is a hell of an epic opener from the premier chillwaver Ernest Greene, whose bedroom recordings are made to soothe the brain.


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It’s time for me to admit that I have not really known what “chillwave” means since you started using the term almost a year ago. I keep thinking I will read about this somewhere but I have not and I feel old and out of touch. After the Sonic Youth admission I guess this is just a week of me admitting that I am not that “with it.”

As for this song, I like it but it feels a little sleepy and kind of reminds me of heroin music…not like that’s a bad thing but I do not think I’d be able to listen to a full album start to finish.

However, I love the cover art here.

Comment by Steele

Yikes, Steele, here I am relying on you to keep me _ not with it, one can’t expect miracles _ but at least pointed toward where the with it was kept before it was digitized and put on a paying basis. It’s a good thing you have associates.
Chillwave would be the 1980s falling down a wormhole and arriving in the 21st Century, minus their hair extensions. Yes, perhaps easier to swallow in small doses, but Ernest is coool.

Comment by Joe

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