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You think you’re so great by Steele
December 7, 2011, 6:40 am
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Things have been too calm around here lately. Let’s do some bitching, shall we?

Today I’m talking about people who are OVERRATED. First, let me be clear what I mean by this: There is obviously a lot of crappy music out there, but I’m talking about the musicians who seem to have seduced a ton of fans, while also winning over the music writers to some extent. In other words, you might think that Radiohead is overrated (Fact: anyone who thinks Radiohead is overrated is insane). You might think Beyonce is overrated (more understandable, even to me). And some cynical jerks like to say that Amy Winehouse was overrated because her backing band “did all the work.” However, while you might not get why Lady Gaga is so popular, you can’t say she’s “overrated” until her albums get better reviews (this is not a dig at Gaga, who I treasure).

So! Here are the most overrated artists of all time, in my opinion. Please feel free to disagree with me and to contribute your own personal candidates.

1.Taylor Swift. There’s no denying this chick can write a hell of a catchy pop hook, and she’s really not terrible at what she does. If I’m being honest, she’s pretty great at what she does. My issue is with the critics who at some point lost sight of the big picture and decided to elevate her to the level of Great Music, period. Let’s have some perspective, music critic people. Her voice is pretty weak, and her songs rely on boring, tired cliches. Plus, and maybe this is my real problem, I kind of think her music promotes unhelpful virgin/whore stereotypes for girls. She plays up this idea of innocent, fairytale love, and takes cheap, mean shots at girls for dressing sexy or having sex (no potshots at the boys involved in this). It’s lame. BOO, TAYLOR SWIFT. You could be so much cooler.

2. The Foo Fighters. I understand how these guys got as big as they got, but I’ll never understand why they’re so consistently well-reviewed. I enjoy a Foo Fighters jam every now and again, but for the most part I find them incredibly dull. Their sound has never really evolved much, and they suffer from a major case of Heard-One-You’ve-Heard-Most-Of-Them-itis. I hate to say it, because I think Dave Grohl is a great guy, but why do they even still exist?

3. Sonic Youth. This may be controversial, but I’m finally old enough to admit that I have never fully understood Sonic Youth’s appeal. I always feel like there’s something I’m missing. Yet, legions of respectful people with impeccable taste are quite keen on them.  Is this one of those things where their influence adds up to something greater than the experience of listening to them? Why are they so awesome? SOMEONE TELL ME.

4. Oasis. I’m pretty sure that even most people in Oasis would agree by now that it may have been a touch premature for the British press to dub them “the best band since the Beatles” and “the most amazing band in the world ever ever ever” and whatnot. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love me some Oasis. But for some reason everyone jumped the gun on these guys in an epic way, without much to go on. Sure, they put out a couple of good albums. But when the band developed this instant-legend status, their music started sounding flimsier and less meaningful. It was too bad, really. And it apparently put Liam Gallagher into a bad mood that he has yet to emerge from, 15 years later.

5. U2, post-2000. What. The. Hell. It’s hard to believe that there have actually been two U2 albums released since the gorgeously produced but walking-a-very-thin-line-of-corny All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Now, I’m not saying they should hang it up or anything. They are apparently great in concert and their song catalogue is incredible. But come on, this is a band that just does not make very good music anymore. So… why are some people pretending they do?


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i suspect the sonic youth thing is akin to my feelings about american apparel…i feel like everyone else is privy to some information about why these seemingly generic hoodies and knee-socks are so goddamn special. except sonic youth is probably less pervy and might occasionally pluck their eyebrows.

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