don't you tell me how i feel.

Flute loops by Steele

Steele here, back from a month away on a tropical island. Just playin’, I was imprisoned in work hell. I’m sure you’ve all missed me, and you’re probably thinking I must have something pretty important to discuss!

Well, you’d be right. Miss Britney Spears is the reason for my return to  Don’t You Tell Me How I Feel. Her new single, “Criminal,” is awesomely weird. I dig it for several reasons, the first and foremost being, MEDIEVAL FLUTE SAMPLE. This shit is hilarious. What mad genius comes up with this stuff? Of course, this song also works as a joke about Britney’s poor judgment is when it comes to men.

I also enjoyed the video here, starring Brit’s strangely hot former-manager-turned-boyfriend. Now, that there looks like a man! I hope she marries him (third time’s the charm!). I love that in an age when MTV barely plays videos, someone like It’s Britney, Bitch can decide to make a short film like this just because she wants to. I happen to think that Britney has had a pretty sad life, so I say, why the hell not act out some badass fantasy with your for-once-he’s-not-a-loser boyfriend? Why NOT slap some horrendous fake ink on your man’s sexy body and show him off in some extended shower/bedroom scenes? She’s got the money, she’s got the time, and hey, this is her job. It’s safe to say I would make videos like this all the time if I was in her shoes. In fact, the people in my life are probably lucky I don’t do that as it is.


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