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flashback friday: “heart and soul” by v
November 4, 2011, 8:19 am
Filed under: flashback friday, wow

I’ve lately become convinced that Huey Lewis is overdue for some sort of hipster resurgence a la hall and oates, or at least an internet meme akin to rickrolling, but it hasn’t been forthcoming.

Clearly this is because the youth have not been exposed to this video. The premise: A suit-clad Lewis walks into a party where he is seemingly the square in a throng of some serious ’80s weirdos, including Dracula-as-waiter. The fierce-faced redhead at 1:10 is particularly absurd. He spots a cute girl, they share glances from across the room (which, I later realized in my ensuing Huey Lewis video marathon, is the premise for every single one of his videos), and they eventually make their way out. I have to say I was disappointed the first time they cut away from the party to show concert footage, but I suppose it’s protocol to get a shot of the frontman’s arms in a muscle shirt. I also felt a little badly for the heroine at the end, as walking into a dark alley with Huey Lewis doesn’t seem half as exciting as dancing with the neon-clad masses.

Of course, this caused me to wonder what, if anything, Huey Lewis and his fellow Newsies are doing now. According to our friends at Wikipedia, “The band, now in self-proclaimed semi-retirement, still plays over 80 dates a year in the U.S., and an occasional European tour. The average fee for Huey Lewis and the News to play a private college-sized show is around $200,000.”

AMAZING. Especially considering he must be like 80 now.


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