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flashback friday: “carmensita” by v

We’re not going waaaay back in time here, but I was recently reminded of the seemingly forgotten (as far as I can tell) Devendra Banhart. Where Are They Now? indeed. If I recall correctly, three years ago he was kind of a big deal, dating Natalie Portman and becoming some sort of unwashed, eyelinered, hyperhip demigod.

Of course, this ascent probably had a lot to with the video for “Carmensita,” a super-saturated triumph. Here, we watch as Princess Portman’s outsized tears summon her hippie-dancing paramour to rescue her from a forced wedding to a creep with a drawn-on mustache. Much celebrating ensues…that is, until our dear princess self-immolates in a fit of jealous rage and turns into an octopus. The captions really make this one, but the song is amazing sans video as well.


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