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you oughta be in pictures by v
October 5, 2011, 8:23 am
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Bill Cunningham New York is a telling portrait of the titular New York Times photographer’s life, which is surprisingly humble considering the fashion-world fame he’s earned over time. It has nothing to do with music (although the Velvet Underground’s “I’ll be Your Mirror” is used to brilliant effect over the ending credits), but I figured I’d share. YOU DON’T MIND.

The tale, in short: Cunningham, who’s about 80 at this point, rides a rickety bike through the streets of Manhattan, shooting street-fashion photos for the NYT’s style pages. He lives in a tiny space above Carnegie Hall, crammed full of decades’ worth of images and magazines (or at least he lived there at the time of filming — one of the plotlines involves the Carnegie Hall artists getting booted out of the building, which actually happened in early 2010). His bed is a thin mattress barely propped up off the floor, and his bathroom is down the hall from his apartment. Little is known about his personal life, and little is revealed here, except that he claims to never have been in a romantic relationship. Clearly, he’s in love with his job.

The message, I surmised, is that people can be famous without becoming hideous. Even though Cunningham is beloved by a style-obsessed elite crowd (Anna Wintour included), he’s somehow a universe away from them. He wears the same thing every day and gets his film developed at the corner store. It sort of defies logic.

Point is, he is awesome and you should see this. It’s currently available via instant watch on netflixster, or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days.


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