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Flashback Friday: Closer by Steele

Both in video and in song, “Closer” was a true game-changer. I still remember the thrill of hearing this song for the first time, along with a slight uneasiness and the suspicion that I wasn’t old enough to understand it. This was pretty shocking for the innocent days of 1994, but the feeling of anger and confusion struck a chord in many an angsty teen, and a generation of Nine Inch Nails fans was born.

The video, meanwhile, somehow made it to television without even too much censoring! The mad scientist’s laboratory is like a glimpse into what one might imagine Reznor’s mind is like. S&M! Creepy people! Twisted religious imagery! Wind machine and goggles! A generalized sense of terror! In reflecting on the iconic clip, Reznor once said, “The rarest of things occurred: where the song sounded better to me, seeing it with the video.”


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