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Burn, baby, burn by Steele
September 28, 2011, 6:34 am
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It’s really past time to discuss Adele, she of the flaming, shiny hair and the smoky eyes and voice, she of the unapologetically retro style and the completely uncompromised artistic vision.

Adele is, of course, the force behind the unstoppable “Rolling in the Deep,” a song so original and so good that I still can’t believe the music-buying public actually went for it. But they did, in droves. Adele went to #1 on the charts and stayed there, setting a Guinness World Record for most consecutive weeks at the top by a female artist (11). She sold 10 million albums, then sold out her entire U.S. tour.  Most remarkably, she appears to have done this on her own terms, without any image repackaging by a record company, without some stupid makeover designed to make her look more like the other girls on the charts. In other words: she did it the old-fashioned way, with nothing more and nothing less than her fabulous songs and fabulous voice to offer. I find it comforting that someone can still achieve worldwide success this way, at least when they’re talented enough.

And the inspiration for her album, 21, is as old-school as it gets. Drawing from the pain of a broken relationship, Adele crafted songs of revenge, bitterness and self-examination that are so raw and unflinching that they manage the trick of sounding at once timeless and brand-new. Here’s one of my favorites, “Set Fire to the Rain.”

And for the uninitiated, the furious, unforgiving “Rolling in the Deep.”

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Did you know that “Rolling In The Deep” was the official song of the 2011 NBA Draft?

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