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July 25, 2011, 12:08 pm
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Most of you likely heard the news over the weekend that Amy Winehouse was found dead. While this may not be especially surprising, it’s still horribly sad. Whatever issues she had personally, Frank and Back to Black were supreme records, and we can only speculate about what more she could have created if she’d been able to keep it together. I wonder what Pete Doherty is thinking right about now. Get straight, dude.

One of the worst parts about this tragic end is that her most recent performances were booed by audiences — something that, at the time, we chalked up to general celebrity messness. And I suppose her premature death will elevate her records automatically to legend status, which compounds the sadness of the situation as I see it. THEY WERE AWESOME BEFORE SHE DIED.

As Steele pointed out to me, she was at that perilous age, 27, when so many other legends met similar ends (jim, jimi, janis, kurt). Weird coincidence, I guess.

I’m posting “Help Yourself,” which I love, but mostly because its message is so appropriate if directed at its singer…

So R.I.P. Ms. Winehouse. Your music will live on.


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Glad you posted on this. Sort of a no-brainer, I suppose, but still… Nicely worded. What a waste.

Comment by Jason Laughlin

I, too, am so sad about the music she will never make. Amy ushered in that retro sound that so many artists have since built from. Does anyone think that a song like “rolling in the deep” could have become such a smash before Amy Winehouse? She made it cool for musicians to return to the basics. She was tremendously gifted and totally unique. I really thought she had a couple more records to make, and I was looking forward to her putting this phase of her life behind her.

Comment by Steele

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