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Hit songs by Steele

This is probably going to sound like one long “kids today” rant, but can someone explain to me why suddenly it’s cool to listen to Chris Brown again and play him on the radio? Part of me wants to say that he deserves a chance to revive his career, and that if people want to move their feet to the jams, I suppose it’s their business.

I guess I would feel more comfortable if Breezy ever made any kind of adequate attempt at rehabilitating his image as a woman beater. Instead, he made some half-assed apology, took zero responsibility for what he did and put out an album right after the whole mess (it flopped).

Probably his best post-Rihanna-beating move was that time he flew into a rage at Good Morning America, trashed a dressing room, put a chair through a window, ripped off his shirt and stormed onto the street. In case anyone forgets, the reason he freaked out was that he is SO FUCKING TIRED OF BEING ASKED ABOUT RIHANNA, OMG CAN YOU PEOPLE LET THAT GO ALREADY???? THAT MAKES CHRIS BROWN MAD AND YOU WOULDN’T LIKE HIM WHEN HE’S MAD!!! STOP ACTING LIKE I’M SOME KIND OF PSYCHO YOU GUYS!!!

I guess I just find it a little depressing. Doesn’t anybody care? He had an opportunity to address a major social problem and instead chose to play the victim. After the Rihanna beatdown, women across the country called hip-hop stations saying that she must have provoked him, that she must have started the fight, that surely she did something to deserve it. Chris Brown could have told those women that they NEVER deserve to be abused. He could have condemned his actions as the product of deeply ingrained cultural and political problems. Anything would have been better than his decision this year to release an album with the epically passive agressive title of “F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies).”

I’m not even going to get into his tattoos. Actually, I am. Worst ink ever.

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well said, steelie

Comment by don't you tell me how i feel.

You’re not a fan of the boatneck, halter top tatoo genre? I think it’s pretty on point for a misogynist.

Comment by Carey Huntington

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