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dia por dia by v
July 5, 2011, 11:48 am
Filed under: melancholy shit, New music, Shit I Like, world

Street of the Love of Days, the debut record from Amor de Dias, is morose and beautiful, with a definite bossa nova influence. It’s basically Sunday afternoon brain-soothing music, with sweet male/female, English/Spanish vocals brought to you by Alasdair MacLean of Clientele (which I’d never heard of before but intend to check out) and Lupe Nunez-Fernandez.

The first track, “Foxes Song,” sounds like it should accompany the opening credits to some moody foreign film. There are probably window seats and heavy curtains and regret involved.

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I like “Stone” the best. How much you want to bet this band NEVER tours the United States?

Comment by Lehtola

There’s usually regret involved.

Comment by Joe

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