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gone boating by v
June 28, 2011, 12:04 pm
Filed under: danceable, New music, Shit I Like, terrible lyrics

If a band is audacious enough to have an all-caps name, I naturally expect great things. The Portland people behind YACHT, then, must surely deliver the goods. Or so I thought before I realized that the name is in fact an acronym for Young Americans Challenging High Technology. Confusing!

Anyway, Shangri-La, their new record, is happy poppy music, a collection of umbrellaed drinks bound by the theme of utopia. The tale in short, is that “the world’s last unpleasant experience will be a precisely datable event,” or so they explain on “Paradise Engineering.” Reviews call it sci-fi, but somehow that feels off to me.

The lyrics here are mostly awful, but so it goes with dancey dancey music. To wit: “I love you like a small town cop/I want to smash your face in with a rock” sung in a monotone on “Love in the Dark.” Occasionally it veers off into straight cliche, as on “Holy Roller”: “don’t you worry about god up above/we’ve gotta live life in love.”

I don’t find Shangri-La especially intelligent, but I’ll be damned if it’s not well timed and catchy as hell. There is cowbell in paradise.

Hear it here


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