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flashback friday: “take on me” by v
June 10, 2011, 12:19 pm
Filed under: 80s, flashback friday

This song was recently ranked the number one one-hit wonder by Rolling Stone, and who could argue? The high-pitched yells, the skittering synthesizers, the inane inversion of words in the chorus. Seriously, this song never gets old for me.

And that’s to say nothing of the video: Unassuming, dreamy ’80s chick falls in love with the dude in her comic book at Flo’s Coffee Shop or whatever, and gets magically sucked into his black and white, frenetically drawn universe. Chase scenes ensue. It’s a simple idea, but really pretty brilliant. I’ve found that most people enjoy seeing themselves rendered as cartoons.

A final note: The dude throwing himself sweatily against the wall of the apartment at the end hardly seems necessary. A knock would suffice, man. But I can’t judge animated love circa 1985.

Enjoy the subtitles!


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I disagree strongly with your last point! The best part is the angsty climax. And he’s not knocking on the door, he’s trying to beat the animation out of himself for good so that he can be a Real Boy and love her in real life, not just in the comics. OMG so romantic!!!
And just FYI, I love this song and video with the heat of a thousand suns.

Comment by Steele

dude, i totally thought he was trying to beat down her door like a madman. MYSTERY SOLVED

Comment by v

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