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Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Glasslands by v
June 8, 2011, 11:59 am
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Not long ago I happily posted a song by Unknown Mortal Orchestra here. It was awesome.

Their live show: not so much.

This isn’t their fault, really. At Glasslands on Saturday evening, we determined that the EP they put out just isn’t indicative of their actual sound. Live, they’e all about the guitar solos. Extremely lengthy, masturbatory ones, where you began to imagine that the drummer and the oddly-Tom-Petty-esque bassist were secretly plotting to kill the singer/guitar virtuoso.

As one friend pointed out, they’re a super-new band, and maybe their sound has already moved past the lo-fi, 70s-flavored stuff we’ve heard thus far. So go forth, UMO, and shred. I will likely not be listening.

Sad face!


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Speaking of frontman Ruban Nielson, at first, we thought he had a hole in his throat, a la tracheotomy or some ghastly thing, but it turns out, upon closer inspection, he has a tattoo of an eyeball on his throat indent.

Also, I don’t know if it was the mix that night at Glasslands, but the overall sound was a mite too trebly. Vocals was too low, you know?

And the band that played before UMO, Headless Horseman? Methinks they all hype. I think they can improve, they young as hell, but as of summer 2011, pretty weak. Like sandwich bread that’s been in a cooler all day, wrapped in foil. Soft, weak, and prone to disintegrate into mealy mush. Ain’t no one want to chew on that!

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