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Flashback Friday: Runaway Train by Steele

Boy, this takes me back. When this song came out, the most interesting thing about lead singer Dave Pirner was that he was dating Winona Ryder. It’s hard to remember, but between having been engaged to Johnny Depp when she was like 19 and having starred in Heathers, Winona Ryder was pretty much one of the coolest people in the universe in the early 90s. But let’s not go down that road today…we know where it ends, and where it ends is incredibly embarrassing.

The video for “Runaway Train” is dark, heavy and melodramatic. And easy to make fun of. Pirner, with his forlorn expressions, nasty dreadlocks and sobbing vocal style, is, shall we say, a tad difficult to take seriously. But it turns out we’re a bunch of assholes for laughing! This clip was responsible for several children reuniting with their families, including some kids who actually saw themselves in it and decided to return home. Soul Asylum made a difference, guys.

One thing that always bothered me was the baby-snatcher. Why include her? It’s not like the baby peaced out and ran away. I feel like you can’t raise awareness of runaway youth and kidnapping in the same video without diluting your message. But what do I know? I never did anything to help disaffected teenagers, and on that point, I’d have to concede that Soul Asylum has me beat.


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