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killer instinct by v
May 16, 2011, 12:24 pm
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I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the Kills.

In general, I enjoy their scraggly-blues-rock-chick-who-smokes-too-many-cigarettes thing. However, I never actually listened to a full album until I bought their last record, Midnight Boom, IN A RECORD STORE, purely on the strength of lead single “UR A Fever” (which I still love). I quickly found that the rest of Boom featured of lyrics so abysmal it rendered the entire thing basically unlistenable. And I am very, very good at ignoring lyrics. WHAT A FOOL I WAS.

So I approach their new single, “DNA”, with some trepidation. The song is pretty badass. This morning I realized that’s because it actually sounds just like “UR A Fever.” I guess I have to admit to myself that they’re a bit one-note. BUT THEY ARE JUST SO SEXILY RUMPLED AND ROCK STARRY i CANNOT RESIST THEM. We’ll see if the rest of Blood Pressures is a similarly filler-happy dumb-lyricky affair.

A Kills side note: I went to the grocery store about two years ago and the checkout dude, upon spotting a Florida-related bag on me, told me all about how he used to hang out with the chick from the Kills and how now it’s so ridiculous that she now fronts like she’s British when she’s really just some dork from Orlando. He was really agitated about the whole thing.


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That sounds a lot like buying a commercial hip-hop album in the 90’s. One good song, that’s it, & the rest be all filler & skits.

Comment by Lehtola

But Mr. Lehtola, who can deny the awesomeness of the $20 Sack Pyramid? It’s a delightful cultural artifact.

FAKAH PILED, Kills girl!

Comment by Eric

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