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saturday link puke by v
May 14, 2011, 9:26 am
Filed under: link puke

> Pete Doherty back in the news again, this time for not killing someone!

> New Grizzly Bear in the works, yeah

> Yeasayer offers a soundtrack to NYC. Jay-Z figures prominently.

> The Guardian solicits the best rock putdowns of all time.

> I just wanted to point out that the new Gang Gang Dance album has a song on it called “Adult Goth.” hahaaha

> Steve Albini apparently writes a cooking blog now. Note the grungy background.

> If you haven’t already heard, kids today don’t know who the hell the Beatles are.

> Aaand Steele’s crush 4 life Enrique Iglesias admits his inability to dance. BAILAMOS: A DIRTY DIRTY LIE.


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Why don’t I ever make the news? I haven’t killed people lots of times. Also, our boy Pete is really looking rough. Since when does he have a neck tattoo?

Comment by Steele

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